The Video Encyclopedia of the 20th century

THE VIDEO ENCYLOPEDIA OF THE 20TH CENTURY is a definitive collection of motion picture film and videotape clips recording the social, political and cultural history of the 20th century. In the newsroom and the classroom, this archival collection has been a major resource for individuals who want to give their viewers invaluable insights into our past.

Over the years, producers, writers, educators and reporters have used the Video Encyclopedia to provide action, depth and context to their daily stories and documentary projects.

  • The Video Encyclopedia of the 20th Century package currently includes:
  • An on-site archive consisting of 87 hours of historical news containing more than 2300 news stories and personalities of the 20th century.
  • One hardbound subject index, cross-indexed for quick access to the clips to specific historic clips.
  • A five-volume reference set containing useful background text on each personality and story.
  • Access to searchable online database.

The Video Encyclopedia encompasses a centruy of politics, government, foreign affairs, science, medicine, sports, technology and the arts. As a unique historical of our times, The Video Encyclopedia presents a tremendous asset to both television stations and educational institutions.

Subscriptions to The Video Encyclopedia of the 20th Century are available to educational institutions and to some broadcasters under special terms.

If your company currently owns a license to The Video Encyclopedia of the 20th Century, and you are interested in upgrade options, please contact us.

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