The Great American Dream Machine

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The Great American Dream Machine was a spirited and sometimes satirical magazine series broadcast on PBS from 1970–1971, combining disparate elements such as animation, drama, music and serious documentary.

The Great American Dream Machine was produced by WNET from 1971–73.  To learn more about the show, watch this panel discussion from its creators provided courtesy of the American Archive of Public Broadcasting:

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The Great American Dream Machine comes close to being what television's all about. According to Executive Producer Al Perlmutter, ‘People's goals, their ideas of themselves, their country, their hopes and their dreams will be our concern each week’…The Ford Foundation backed it with $2 million…anyone who hasn't given up on television really ought to take a look at it. — Washington Post

American Dream Machine is still the standard by which entertainment magazine shows are measured and few, if any, approach its innovative proportions.” — Variety

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