The Emperor’s Eye: Art and Power in Imperial China


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The EMPEROR’s EYE: ART AND POWER in Imperial china brings to light the priceless treasures of China's Imperial art collection, relating them to the political climate of their time. The Emperor’s Eye is also the tale of a passionate collector, Emperor Chienlung, whose quest to create the greatest art collection in the world was actually a bid for his own mortality. Filmed at the National Palace Museum in Taiwan, the documentary shows the precious artwork that so few Westerners are privileged to see.

The Emperor’s Eye: Art and Power in Imperial China was produced by Alvin H. Perlmutter, Inc in 1989.

Funded by

The Pacific Cultural Foundation

The Dillon Fund

Evergreen Int’l (USA) Corporation of the Evergreen Group

Formosa Plastics Corporation USA

Asia Cement Corporation


CINE Golden Eagle (1989)

Golden Apple from the National Educational Film Festival

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