Native Land: Nomads of the Dawn


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Native Land: Nomads of the Dawn author Jamake Highwater uses a tapestry of ritual dance, drama and storytelling to trace the path of the nomads who discovered the Americas and created the complex civilizations of the Aztecs, Incas and other South American tribes.  See how the history and legacy of these peoples have survived through their myths and art. Experience the transformation of cave drawings into the dancing frenzy of the ritual hunt. Examine the pottery of the Moche, the sculpture of the Tiahuanaco, and the mysterious earth drawings of the Nazca.  Explore how different peoples' ways of seeing and understanding their relation to nature, the animal world, and the cosmos influences the structure of their society, their morality and their ideals.

Native Land: Nomads of the Dawn was produced by The Primal Mind Foundation and Alvin H. Perlmutter, Inc. in 1985.

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