American Muslims Teens Talk

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AMERICAN MUSLIM TEENS TALK is a half-hour video featuring nine teens in a refreshing, first-person look at modern Muslim American youth who illustrate the diversity that is Islam.  They are African-American, American Caucasian, Middle Eastern, from the Asian subcontinent and Africa.  Moderated by Alex Kronemer, one of the producers of PBS’s Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet, participants engage in a lively and honest conversation about fitting in, prayer, misunderstandings, dress, fun, drinking, dating, and parents.  The video is intended for use in classrooms, youth groups, and other settings specializing in cultural education.

American Muslim Teens Talk was produced by the Independent Production Fund in 2004.

Funded by

Carnegie Corporation of New York

Unity Productions Foundation


200 Central Park South

New York, NY 10019

P: 212.221.6310



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